Brenda Morris-Huntoon

Licensed Psychological Associate


Brenda Morris-Huntoon works at Mandala House as a Licensed Psychological Associate. Prior to pursuing a degree in psychology, Brenda ran a dental practice for thirty years. Over time, she realized that a good portion of her work involved recognizing and tending to the psychological and emotional needs of her patients. In 2011, Brenda realized her desire to work more fully in this domain and initiated her graduate training at Spalding University. In 2014, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

Through her graduate training experiences, she had the opportunity to work with children and adults who were struggling with a variety of mental health issues ranging from mild to severe.  Brenda’s special interest is working with individuals who are questioning gender, transgender, or gender-nonconforming. She is a member of WPATH and follows WPATH standards of care in her practice.  Brenda advocates for her clients by providing assessment/evaluation of readiness for Gender Affirming Surgeries. In addition to individual therapy, Brenda co-facilitates the Adult Gender Journey and Adolescent Gender Journey Process Groups.

Brenda believes education is a lifelong process and she continues to learn through evaluation of research, collaboration with colleagues, and frequent participation in workshops and trainings.  She is currently working toward certification as a gender specialist through WPATH. She is also a member of the Kentucky Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association.

In addition to her professional activities, Brenda has served on the board of SPAVA  (The Society for Prevention of Aggressiveness and Violence among Adolescents) since 2006.  Prior to her work at Mandala, Brenda taught SPAVA in the JCPS public school system as well as volunteered at the Centerstone Crisis Hotline and Restorative Justice.

As a psychotherapist, Brenda forms a collaborative relationship with clients empowering them to make their own choices. She views her role as one of support and guidance to facilitate client self-exploration, recognition of values, and goal-setting.  

* Brenda Morris-Huntoon is licensed with the KY State Board of Examiners of Psychology as a Licensed Psychological Associate under the Supervision of Dr. Jacquelyn Gilles