Colgan Tyler

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Mr. Colgan Tyler's psychotherapy treatment specializes work with young males, adult men and women and families in crisis. Using an eclectic approach, he gives the client the space and support to tell their own story, guides and witnesses them in self-discovery, and collaborates to change elements within their realm of control. Mr. Tyler is committed to the idea that young males and men, like all human beings, need to be recognized and valued as creative, powerful, and sensitive individuals within their social contexts. An important part of mental health treatment is being seen by and building a relationship with a present, empathetic and trained professional. Mr. Tyler's goal as a psychotherapist is to be that professional.

Mr. Tyler is a Louisville, Kentucky native currently living in Louisville with his wife and three children. Mr. Tyler earned his Masters in Social Work from San Diego State University in 2005 and obtained licensure for clinical social work in Kentucky in 2009. His clinical work as a psychotherapist has focused on adolescent males, adult men and women, families, and Spanish-speaking refugees, and immigrant families. These patients are referred from a professional network of school counselors, medical and psychiatric professionals, lawyers, and agencies in the Louisville region. 


Mr. Tyler began his clinical practice in San Diego, California, working with at-risk youth and families living in crisis. He then returned to Louisville to work as a therapist at Bingham Clinic, a child and adolescent treatment clinic in affiliation with University of Louisville. There, Mr. Tyler also served on the Bingham Clinic Board from 2009-2010, a year of transition for Bingham. 

In 2010, Mr. Tyler moved into private practice, working with adolescents, adults and families. Along with starting private work that same year, Mr. Tyler established the Counseling and Student Development Department at the West End School, a privately-funded, urban school in Louisville for boys. For the past six years, Mr. Tyler served as CASD Director and Lead Counselor at the school. The department now consists of three counselors and multiple consultants, mentors and collaborators to meet the needs of the elementary and middle school students and faculty. 

In addition to this work, Mr. Tyler performs evaluations for families involved in legal immigration proceedings. Mr. Tyler is fluent in Spanish and English and uses his language skills in multiple modalities throughout his practice.