House Dog

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them.
— Thom Jones

Raava (rhymes with "lava") is our furry companion. She is a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle mix rescued from Louisville Metro Animal Services after being relinquished by her previous owner. She doesn't shed, but she has been known to leave her toys scattered around on occasion.

While her background is unknown, her gentle nature and desire to be connected with humans makes her a wonderful companion during therapy. Feel free to invite her on the couch with you. Some find that petting Raava is soothing and eases distress when discussing difficult material.


Raava likes to look after the house and make friends. Consequently, she is often the first to greet visitors with a bark or the quiet pitter-patter down the stairs (we prefer the latter). If she barks when you come in, no need to be afraid - she is 6 lbs. and sweet as can be. You can simply say, "Hi Raava" to let her know you are a friend. She welcomes attention and loves to be petted, but she'll leave you alone if you prefer it that way. 


* If you aren't comfortable with dogs please let your provider know so we can make sure Raava is on break when you come to visit.